Can you tell me how to get
to Bethel?   

   That may have been the question of the day if you lived during the time of Jacob and Abraham.  Yes, there was actually a city called Bethel.  You see way back in the book of Genesis God commanded Abraham to move out of his home country and go to a land that  he would show him.  God promised Abraham that he would make a great nation of him. 
     Years later after Jacob had stolen Esau's blessing, he fled to safety.  It had grown late in the day and he stopped to spend the night.  There he had a dream and promised Jacob everything that had been promised to Abraham. 
   The next morning Jacob took a stone that had been his pillow and anointed it with oil.  The name of this place was Bethel.  This would  not be Jacob's last time at Bethel.  After he had left the land of his father-in-law God told him once again to return the place where he had met with him. 
   Jacob took his household and all that were with him and went
"back to Bethel"  God once again made him this promise.  " The land which I gave Abraham and Isaac, to thee I will give it, and to thy seed after thee will I give the land." Gen 35:12. 
   The word Bethel means "house of God".  We find that during this time God kept bringing His chosen back to this place to renew the covenant that had been made with Abraham. 
   God has asked each of us to join Him in a journey to another country just as he did Abraham.  We have that same choice- follow- or stay.  If we chose to "move out" of our comfort zone and obey God's commands, then the blessings of Abraham will be ours also. 
   Perhaps you began your journey and was blinded by the troubles of this present land.  If that is the case then it is time that
you return to Bethel for a fresh anointing to continue the journey. 
   Each of us that has come to know the joy of the Lord has been to our own personal Bethel.  The place where we met God as our Lord ,Savior and Provider.  Throughout our journey of life there will be many times that God will direct our paths back to Bethel.  Each time that we follow God's leading there will be a renewing of His Spirit within us and fresh joy for the journey ahead.

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